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Spiral feeder series
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    Spiral feeder
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This machine is mainly used to transport materials from low to high, with the characteristics of fast delivery manpower savings. Customized according to customer's needs, the material is divided into stainless steel and A3 iron. Screw feeder Features:

Hongye Hing brand series of spiral feeder for plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical production ancillary equipment, powder, granule mixture into the hopper, such as plastic high-speed mixer feeding, mixer feeding and so on.

【1】 Easy to install, removable, especially in the higher position feeding, work becomes safer, more labor-saving.

【2】 Design reasonable advanced, easy operation and maintenance.

【3】 The use of international advanced electrical control components to ensure safe and reliable system operation

【4】 Transport capacity, feeding speed

【5】 The use of a wide range of powder, plastic pellets, but also on the broken pieces

【6】 A3 iron or stainless steel can be customized according to customer requirements

【7】 Size can be customized according to customer needs, tube diameter can be customized according to production requirements.

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